Frequently asked questions 

can i fit the exhaust myself?

Pro-Race Exhausts Are Designed To Be As Easy As Possible To Install. However Please Read The Fitting Instructions And Safety Notes Carefully Before Attempting To Fit The Exhaust. If You Do Not Have The Correct Tools Or Have Any Doubts About Your Mechanical Abilities, Please Contact Us Or Have It Fitted By A Recognised Bike Dealer Or A Competent Technician.

Can I Use My Exhaust On Track Days?

Pro-Race Exhausts (Depending On Which Design On Which Bike) Combined With Our Removable Baffles Are Designed To Comply With Current FIM/ACU (Superbike) Regulations. Generally, Track Days Are Run To These Regulations And If Your Exhaust Is Correctly Maintained You Should Have No Problems. All Products Will Have The DB Readings Listed In The Items Description And Will Also Come In The Box With The Installation Instructions So You Will Be Able To Check Certain Track Regulations Beforehand.

Please Note: All Decibel Readings Are Done In The Same Method As Most Track Days/Race Organisations On A Completely Standard Bike With Standard Setup And Mapping.

Will I Need To Re-Map or Re-Jet?

Please Be Aware That Your Motorcycle Is A Production Item And Is Subject To Manufacturing Tolerances Therefore No Two Bikes Are Identical. The Performance Of Your Motorcycle Is In Effect A Compromise To Comply With Various Noise And Emission Laws In Various Countries. However, Making Changes To Your Motorcycle Exhaust Will Not Suddenly Cause It To Not Run, Lose Power Or Be Damaged (Your Bike Will Run Correctly). Generally, There Are Power Gains Due To Our Exhausts Being Less Restrictive. 

Will It Affect Back Pressure?

Talking About Exhausts And Very Often You Will Hear The Terms (Back Pressure) Or The (Right Back Pressure) Comes Up. Back Pressure Is Only Caused By Restriction And Has Little Or Nothing To Do With Performance Exhaust Design. Although Modern OE Super Bike Exhaust Systems Are Very Well Designed And Can Reduce Noise Levels To Conform To Emission Laws Without Offering Much Actual Back Pressure These Systems Are To Some Degree Still Restrictive. Performance Exhausts Work By (Pulse Tuning) Which Is The Use Of The Correct Pipe Lengths, Diameters And Correct Collector Configurations To Tune The Exhausts Pulses To Help To Fill And Scavenge The Cylinders. This Will Increase The Volumetric Efficiency, Which Will Intern Increase The Power And Torque. Therefore, Only Restrictive Exhausts Would Suffer Back Pressure. Pro-Race Exhausts Do Not Offer Any Restriction

Exhaust Valves?

Also Known As Set Valves, Exup Valves Etc. Some Pro-Race Exhausts Will Require This To Be Disconnected. The Primary Function Of This Valve Is Noise Control And Not To Boost Power (If It Was A Power Valve It Would Be On Every Race Bike But Does Appear On Any) Therefore Disconnecting The Valve Will Not Result In A Power Loss Or Affect The Running Of Your Motorcycle.

How And When Does My Exhaust Need Repacking?

Due to the internal construction and high specification of the materials used our silencers never require re packing and are covered under our life time guarantee.

How Do I Clean My Exhaust?

Clean The Exhaust With A Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant (WD-40 Or Equivalent) With A Soft Cloth. Do Not Use Aggressive Chemical Cleaner

PLEASE NOTE: A Change In The Colour Of The Exhaust Systems Is Normal Due To The High Temperatures.

If I Have An Accident Can You Repair My Exhaust?

This Depends On The Damage But We Will Try Our Best To Repair It, Once The Exhaust Is Returned To Us We Will Assess And Provide You A Quotation Of Work Required.

Can I Buy Spares

Yes, all spare part can be found in the Accessories section in our store. If you’re not able to identify the exact part you require then please email images showing the part(s) you require to our technical department who will be able to assist.