About us

At Pro-Race, we take exhaust design very seriously, You as the costumer take a no compromise product, and we therefore take a no compromise approach to design and manufacture.

Here at Pro-Race, we offer a full original equipment design and manufacture service. From your drawings, or design brief, we are able to 3d model final designs, offer consultation, and then manufacture tooling and fixtures for production, as well as final production runs of low, medium or high volume.

Our Process.

Step one.

Initial design.

Our new designs for motorcycle and car products or designs supplied by customers are C.A.D drawn in house when necessary or required to provide the best possible product and associated parts either from stainless steel or titanium. This allows us to check the stress related points, achieve optimum gas flow and overall product performance before manufacturing begins. Once this is complete the customer or our design team will sign off the final design and production of tooling, parts and jigs will begin.

Step two.

Production of the pattern Parts, jigs and tooling.

Once the part has been signed off it will then be past to our engineers and fabricators who will make the product from the the vehicle or drawings provided once the pattern / mock part(s) are complete, jigs and tooling required to replicate the product accurately will be designed andmade if not already done so in the initial design.

Step 3.


Once stage 1 and stage 2 are complete the product / parts will be passed to the welders who will assemble in the designed jigs and fully T.I.G weld the parts by hand and to show the amount of effort and skill involved in our welding process we do not clean any of our welds off as they is simple no need to all exhausts parts are fully purge and most jigs are designed and machined to accommodate this process which leads to a much better product and titanium cannot be welded without back purge many other manufactures do not do this process on there stainless products nor do they T.I.G weld them.