Pro-Race slip on exhausts are designed and constructed from the highest grade, thin walled stainless steel tube and sheet available, a lot of our products use only 0.7mm thick stainless steel for better weight reduction.

(TITANIUM exhausts coming very soon for even better weight savings)

Every step of the construction process is the product of detailed laborious, handmade UK craftsmanship, from the notoriously laborious pie-cut welded design (as used by most MotoGP teams) to achieve better gas flow by maintaining the true (ID), (OD) and wall thickness throughout the pipe work, this method also allows for near infinite radius and directional change, to the fully exposed T.I.G welds.

The styling, weight and acoustic tone of any Pro-Race Exhaust is very important to us and we spend a lot of time designing, developing and testing, to offer you a product that dramatically improves the bikes visual appearance, exhaust tone, power and saves as much weight as possible over the OEM system.

Pro-race exhausts mainly come with a 70mm link pipe, (bike depended) that are fully welded to the silencer, due to every exhaust being designed for the bike it is being sold for, this means no need for clamp(s) or spring(s) connecting them together offering a much cleaner and bespoke look.