GP-s1 slip on slash trims are designed and constructed from the highest-grade thin walled stainless steel tube and sheet available, many of the components are only 0.7mm – 1.5mm for the best possible weight reduction.

 Every step of our construction process is the product of detailed laborious handmade craftsmanship, from the notoriously laborious Pie-cut design Pro-Race specialise in, to the fully exposed (untouched) T.I.G welds and CNC laser etching, to fully show the amount of attention to detail involved in all our products

 Every aspect of the GP-s1 and associated components gets our full attention to detail so we can offer handmade products with unrivalled quality whilst dramatically improving your bikes visual appearance, acoustics, performance and overall weight.

 Key Features.

  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • 3 options available Satin, Polished & Black.
  • Full Pie-cut design & construction
  • Fully T.I.G welded
  • Designed to fit onto the standard OE Catalyst / Headers
  • Improved performance
  • Huge weight savings
  • Easy installation
  • Simply bolt on and ride
  • No remap needed