What's the exhaust made of?

Our Systems are made from the highest grade Titanium and Stainless Steel. Please note that if you purchase a Titanium system, it's full Titanium! All internals, fittings, sleeve and link pipe! Unless you choose a carbon sleeve, then you've got a sprinkle of carbon fibre too. The same goes for our Stainless Steel systems.

Why Titanium? It's extremely light aswell as being very strong and durable. The material can also withstand extreme temperatures without warping or degrading. The only thing that will happen is the colour will change with the heat. This is perfectly normal and will constantly change with each heat cycle.

We won't claim to have the lightest exhausts on the planet, but when some of our Slip-ons weigh under 200grams... we know we probably could!

What is 'laser etched' ? 

Laser etching is what we do to our Metal sleeve exhausts and GP-S1's. We have a CNC Laser machine that we use to engrave our Logo onto each and every exhaust so you know exactly where it was made and that it's got our seal of approval! If you order a Carbon fibre sleeve exhaust, unfortunately we can't etch that as the carbon would just melt. But you'll have a sticker in place of the etching.

More stickers can be found here -->

How loud is the exhaust?

This is a very difficult question to answer. But we do our best to get all sound data, stock DBs and DBs with our systems and baffles etc, to give you the most comprehensive set of numbers so you can get some idea of how loud it will be.

Though with the laws being very strict on production bikes now, a slip-on isn't going to wake the neighbours and will still pass an MOT here in the UK.

However if you have a de-cat system this question is much harder to answer... so check the DBs we have available along with any other info including videos.

How much power will I get? 

Another difficult question to answer! With just a slip-on you'll likely get very minimal gains. Possibly 1-3bhp. With a de-cat or full system followed by a dyno run and a great map the gains can be massively different! With our Full Race Systems we put the work in to make sure that you're getting the most out of your system, meeting requirements for Track/Race days all while keeping the power optimal throughout. But bikes do have slight variation from the factory, and dynos run completely different in certain conditions. So if Bob from Facebook is claiming 70bhp gains from a slip-on take it with a pinch of salt. Any kind of gains in bhp and Torque are a win, and we're confident that every system we ship will give your bike a little boost!

What does pie-cut mean?

With most exhaust companies, when it comes to putting any kind of a bend in an exhaust system, they'll take the easy route and put it in a machine and simply bend the tube. In our opinion this is lazy, doesn't look good and over a full system/de-cat will restrict power.

Pie-cuts on the other hand, are essentially different angles cut one by one and welded together to create an angle/bend. Creating a much more precise system and vastly better looking link pipes/systems that have visible craftsmanship. Over the length of a full system this will also give you more power as there are no pinch points and no restricted gas flow, check the systems on a MotoGP bike, are they mandrel bent or pie-cut?

I've seen colourful titanium, how do I get that effect?

When any titanium exhaust system leaves our workshop, they are produced in a brushed finish with silver looking welds (unless you chose to have it black!) We never let our systems leave the factory with colour! This kind of finish would mean the welding process was incorrect and the welds we put so much pride in would be weak and brittle.

Over time and through consistent use titanium will naturally change to a more colourful version, this is created by heat generation and the chemical reactions that occur in the material.