A Lifetime Guarantee!!??

Simply put, Yes!

Thank you for your purchase of a Pro-Race Exhaust Systems product. We are confident you will find the quality and construction of the product exceeds your expectations.

Head over to the Warranty Registration page to register as soon as you receive your Pro-Race product!

Your Pro-Race Product is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for the period of ownership of the product whilst installed to the vehicle, full warranty particulars are available on the Lifetime Warranty page.

How do I fit my exhaust?

Very easily!

As most of our systems are direct replacements for the stock exhaust, you'll simply need to unbolt and loosen the clamp on your original exhaust, and reverse the process while fitting your new Pro-Race Exhaust system! If the system is complicated or needs more than just this (1200RS Underseat/BMW R9T SR1 for example...) full fitting instructions will be provided via email! If you haven't received them, please check your spam/junk and if they're not their please get int touch and we'll get them sent over to ASAP!
If you do not have the correct tools or have any doubts about your mechanical ability Contact Us for advice or have it fitted by ourselves at our factory in Ramsey Mereside, Cambridgeshire.

It doesn't fit?

If your system doesn't fit, please check these things before getting in touch....

  1. Does your bike have a de-cat pipe? If it does it's likely ours won't fit, in some cases it does. But 9/10 de-cat pipes are manufactured to sit in different locations to lock you into one brand.

  2. Does your cat have a gasket fitted? If it does have a gasket, please remove it! We do not use gaskets in the fitting of most of our exhausts. Over time they perish and this can make the exhaust unstable and unsafe, the bare metal contact between the slip on and the cat creates a much better bond for the clamp.

  3. Are you sure you got the correct year/model? It may seem like a silly question but it happens more often than you'd think, but don't worry. You're not the first you wont be the last!

If you've checked all these and there still seems to be an issue, take some photos and measurements and send them to with the subject FITMENT ISSUE along with your order number and we'll get back to as soon as we can.

How do I clean my exhaust?

Clean the exhaust with a multi-purpose spray lubricant like WD-40 and a soft cloth. Do not use aggressive chemical cleaners on a the metal or carbon fibre parts! A change in the colour of the exhaust system is normal due to the high temperatures the material will change colour.

What does 'add mesh' mean? 

Adding mesh is simply us welding mesh to the outlet of your system, very similar to the look on a moto GP bike. This is purely an aesthetic feature and will have no affect on sound or performance. But will stop foreign objects going into the system in the event of a crash.

Can I get a new sticker?

Of course you can! You may want some extras for your bike/helmet or toolbox. They're available on our store in the merchandise section, alternatively follow this link.

I've damaged my exhaust, are you able to repair it? 

This is entirely dependant on how bad the crash damage is... If you're able to get some photos of the damage and send it over to us we'll be able to let you know instantly if it's something we can repair or whether it will need replacing. If it is something we can salvage, we'll get you quoted up and let you know exactly what needs doing. Following that, you'll just need to pop it in the post and once it arrives we'll get it repaired and back to you sharpish!