Pro-race Exhaust systems©


Looking for a MotoGP inspired system with some sort of silencer... We got you! Our GP-S1R expands on our fan favourite GP-S1 but is much more useful on bikes that have been de-catted as it has a built in silencer box to absorb some of that harsh sound! Looking and sounding great are our 2 main goals when producing an exhaust, but if it's so loud that it's unusable it seems pointless. That's where this system steps in! We produced this to try and fill that void and provide the same great look and more useable sound! .
Also available with a Mesh Outlet and in Black!

**Product look may vary slightly due to different bikes requiring different fitments.


This can alone weighs

  • Titanium from 695g


This can is available in 3 different variations! 

  • Brushed Titanium 

  • Cerakote Black Titanium

  • With or without a Mesh outlet


All our systems and cans are manufactured in house! 
All fully purged by highly skilled Tig Welders, providing the highest quality and strongest welds we can produce!